Elder Care Services in Bowie: Answering Common Questions

Elder Care Services in Bowie: Answering Common Questions

There are many factors to consider when beginning in-home care for your aging loved one. The level of care and who will provide it may be just the beginning of your questions. At Interim HealthCare of Prince George's County, we are here to help you answer those questions and more. Our elder care services in Bowie, MD take a patient-centered approach to in-home care so your aging loved one can get the care they deserve.

How Can I Get Elder Care Services in Bowie?

Our elder care services are perfect for seniors who choose to live independently rather than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Our caregivers strive to make life easier and more enjoyable every day for your loved one. We offer a variety of in-home services, including:

  • Personal care and support: This program is dedicated to making everyday tasks and chores more manageable for seniors. Our caregivers can assist with tasks like bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. All caregivers are carefully matched with their clients to create a friendly and comfortable companionship.
  • Care for chronic disease: Our in-home programs also include those specific for seniors living with chronic diseases, such as COPD, heart disease, and diabetes. These programs encompass our personal care and support benefits while also approaching the disease in an educational manner. At Interim Health Care of Prince George's County, it's important to us that our clients are aware of their symptoms and any changes they may see over time. 
  • Respite care: This program provides breaks for family caregivers. We understand that caregiving is a draining job, which is why we are here to give you balance when you need it. Our caregivers can step in to provide assistance with personal care, light housekeeping, errands, and other tasks.

To begin elder care services in Bowie, you can contact us for a free, in-home evaluation. During an in-home evaluation, one of our caregivers will visit your loved one and learn more about them so they can get a sense of what types of care and assistance they need; then, a personalized care plan will be developed to give your loved one the exact care they need.  

How Much Do Elder Care Services Cost?

Generally speaking, in-home care is more cost effective than a long-term stay in a hospital or other health care facility. However, because everyone is unique and has different needs, there is no concrete answer to how much elder care services cost. The initial in-home evaluation will give insight as to what kind of care your loved one needs, as well as how often they need it. Once your loved one's personalized care plan is in place, you will know just how much their elder care will cost. Because your loved one will receive a care plan that is tailored to their needs, you can feel confident that you are only being charged for your loved one's necessary care. 

To learn more about our elder care services in Bowie, Beltsville, Largo, and Laurel, call us today at (240) 510-1357.

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