Alzheimer's Care in Bowie

If you're currently caring for a love one with Alzheimer's disease, you're not alone. According to the Alzheimer's Association, 16.1 million Americans are currently providing some type of unpaid dementia or Alzheimer's care. At Interim Healthcare of Prince George's County, we're here to help families in Bowie as they navigate the ups and down of living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease. We have years of experience providing specialized home care to address the unique challenges that people with Alzheimer's face, especially if they're living at home. 

What Is Alzheimer's Disease and Who Does It Affect?

Alzheimer's disease the most common type of dementia, and it affects 5.7 million Americans — mostly over the age of 60, though people can also develop Early Onset Alzheimer's before then. While Alzheimer's is usually associated with memory loss, it can also affect someone's ability to think clearly and make decisions, and can even change their behavior.

Symptoms including forgetfulness and difficulty thinking straight could indicate that you or someone you love has this type of dementia, and may benefit from Alzheimer's care to feel safer and more secure.

Our Alzheimer's Care Services in the Bowie Area

At Interim HealthCare of Prince George's County, we know how distressing the symptoms of Alzheimer's can be for our clients and their loved ones, but with consistent care and support, we strive to offer greater independence and peace of mind for the people affected by this disease. Our Alzheimer's care is available in Bowie, Beltsville, Laurel, and Largo, and it includes the following services:

  • Reminders, administration, and assistance with medication
  • Support with day-to-day tasks like bathing and grooming
  • Help with larger home maintenance tasks including laundry and general upkeep

Alzheimer's disease can make even small tasks seem more daunting, but with help of a qualified care professional, you or the family member in your care can start to feel more capable and confident, and more like themselves again. Our top priority is the safety, health, and comfort of our clients, and our care professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure you have the support your family needs.  

If you want to learn more about our Alzheimer's care offerings in Bowie and the surrounding area, we'd be happy to answer your questions. Call Interim HealthCare of Prince George's County today at (240) 510-1357 to discover how our in home care can help you and your loved ones.

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