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Who is Interim HealthCare of Prince George’s County?

We are proud of the outstanding home care services we provide to people in need, each and every day. 

At Interim HealthCare of Prince George's County, our primary goal is simple. We are a family-owned and operated business that is passionate about making life better for families in Prince George's County and the surrounding area. We also know that "better" means something different from one family to the next, which is why each of our care plans are cost-effective and highly personalized to you or your loved one’s needs.

Through a team of certified nursing assistants, home health aides, personal care aides, registered nurses, and companions, we provide a broad array of home care services including Personal Care and Supportive Services (PCSS), Home Health, and Staffing. Our homecare experts deliver care with integrity and compassion and take pride in making a difference to those who need it most.

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About Interim HealthCare in Bowie, MD

Our Philosophy of Care

Our HomeLife Enrichment® standard of care brings value and purpose to the lives of our elderly clients. By looking beyond the basic needs, we are able to provide holistic care services that encompass the mind, body, spirit, and family. We believe in enriching home life so that people are not only safe and independent but living with dignity, purpose, and self-worth.  

Our qualified team meets with your family, to understand your individual situation. We then develop specific protocols and activities in a detailed care plan designed to turn each day into a comfortable flow of engaging, fun, and interactive activities.

At the very core of this approach is the gift of empowerment, so patients and their families feel in control of their own destiny. After all, a little independence goes a long way.

To our Patients,
we Promise to:

  • Enrich your life with every interaction
  • Respect and honor all of your health care choices 
  • Treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve
  • Provide patient and family-centered care, communicating clearly with all involved
  • Deliver the highest level of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive care

Home Healthcare Services with Unmatched Compassion

In our fast-paced world, it can sometimes be hard to make connections. That’s why, as a locally-owned and family operated business, we think it’s important you get to know us too!

About Interim HealthCare in Bowie, MD

Meet our Team


Kady Adeleke MD RN, Owner & Director of Nursing

Kady, a Medical Doctor and Registered Nurse by profession has worked in Health Information Management for various hospitals in California, New Jersey, and Maryland. Her healthcare experience has played a major role in preparing her as a leader and manager. She leads our Clinical operations, compliance & intake for Personal Care and Support Services. 

She and her husband discovered the need for home healthcare when her late mother-in-law required in-home assistance and the family had to rotate caregiving responsibilities and support. She believes that Interim Healthcare of Prince George's County is strategically positioned to help those in need of a loving hand and keeping our seniors safe in the comfort of their homes.

Kady loves to interact with clients and families from different backgrounds and getting them the help they need for their loved ones. In her spare time, she loves cooking, caregiving to her three active kids and traveling to Islands. 

Dan Adeleke, Co-Owner & Director of Business Development

Dan is the Co-Owner and Business Development Director for Interim Healthcare of Prince George's County. Prior to starting the company with his wife, he received his MBA from the University of Maryland and worked as an Information Technology and Project Management Consultant, with experience consulting for the Federal Government and major consulting companies in Chicago, Maryland, Washington DC, and Tennessee.

He leads the business development, marketing, and external-facing functions for our Personal Care and Staffing Support Services.  As the first generation of an immigrant family from Nigeria, Dan and his wife realized the need for home healthcare when his late mother required in-home assistance and the family had to rotate and coordinate caregiving responsibilities across multiple states, while maintaining his job responsibilities. 

Dan has a passion for helping others and believes that Interim Healthcare of Prince George's County is best positioned to helping families and health care facilities in our community with respite care that our customers can truly count on. In his spare time, he enjoys giving back to the Prince George's County through various organizations, eating anything his wife makes, working out, keeping up with his growing kids, reading and exploring the islands of the world.

Ms. Emma

Emma Allford, Office & Personnel Manager

Emma ventured into healthcare organically as her second career, whilst she was adjusting her lifestyle to become a caregiver for her aging mother. Along with her sister, who is a Certified Nurse Assistant, Emma devoted her life to ensuring her mother received five-star care, comfort, and support as her health needs continued to increase. 

Having retired as a Business Analyst from IBM in 2008, Emma brings over 30 years of corporate experience. Emma infuses her business skillset and caregiver experience to assist with the development of educational information for caregivers who need help on their “journey” with their loved ones. Her role within the organization is sourcing, human resource management, and scheduling our team of excellent caregivers. Her personal caregiving experience allows her to successfully find compassionate quality caregivers that support senior individuals to remain safe, independent, and engaged in leading an enriched life.

Emma passionately supports and stands by the core values of Interim Healthcare and champions all the services they provide.

Rachel YoungAdministrative Assistant 

Rachel brings exceptional service to Interim Healthcare as an Administrative Assistant.  

She retired from the federal government after 35 years of service. She is responsible for administrative tasks within the organization and other client-facing activities.  Rachel has established a reputation as a results-oriented manager and has experience with data analysis, creation of documentation, and problem resolution. Her experience and a keen eye for detail allowed her to step into the position with ease and performs every task given to her with the utmost respect and privacy. 

Rachel supports and upholds the core values of the organization and all the services we provide and is proud to be a member of this dynamic team. 

Ms. Rachel